Will Floorworld move my furniture and remove existing floor coverings?

This can be done at a minimal cost. Let your Floorworld consultant know the details and they can provide you with a quote.

What floor covering is practical in a bathroom?

A slip-resistant floor & vinyl or tiles.

How is Vinyl laid?

Cushion vinyl can be loose laid or glued depending on the quality of the existing sub floor. Vinyl tiles and Vinyl planks are more commonly glued down so the surface needs to be completely level. However new and innovative products in this category are now available in Click and loose lay specifications. Your Floorworld specialists can advise on the best way to lay your vinyl flooring.

What is a floating floor?

A floating floor is not directly stuck to the subfloor. It simply sits on top of a layer of plastic sheeting or foam underlay. When joined together at the edges, they float as an interlocked sheet across the floor.

Can a Timber floor be installed on concrete?

Yes, you can lay timber over concrete. Your Floorworld timber specialist can recommended the best practices for laying timber strip floors over concrete.

Are some Timber floors harder than others?

Yes, different species have different molecular structure and different hardness. All species are subjected to a Janka test. The Janka hardness test measures the resistance of a sample of wood to denting and wear. The harder the timber and the higher the Janka rating. Just like real timber floors, we recommend you protect your timber floor from furniture with felt tips.

What is the benefit of a Laminate floor?

Laminate floors closely resemble natural timbers or even stone and they cost a fraction of the price. They often contain an integral foam underlay adding insulation to the floor and makes your floor more comfortable underfoot. Laminate floors are easy to maintain, hard wearing, hygienic and environmentally friendly. It is much hardier than timber and while it does not age, we recommend you attach felt tips to your furniture. Your Floorworld specialist can advise on the best way to protect and maintain your laminate floor.

How do I maintain my Bamboo flooring. Will it scratch and age?

Just like a real timber floor, bamboo will scratch and age. We recommend you protect your new Bamboo floor from furniture with felt tips. Your Floorworld specialist can advise on the best way to protect and maintain your bamboo floor.

What is a Twist carpet?

Twist refers to the number of turns put into the carpet fibre; the more twist or turns of the fibre, the better the performance you can expect from your carpet. Yarns that are twisted tighter have a different feel to those that are twisted looser.

Wool or Nylon carpet?

Each fibre has various qualities and benefits to suit your application; residential or commercial. Our knowledgeable and friendly Floorworld staff can provide you with comprehensive information on the features, benefits and warranties on all our range of brands of carpets.

What is the difference between broadloom and square metres?

A broadloom metre equates to 3.66 square metres, i.e. 1 metre length by 3.66 metres in width. To calculate a square metre price divide the broadloom metre price by 3.66. This could be of benefit in comparing other floor coverings such as vinyl and timber which are specifically priced by square metre.

Is Underlay important?

Underlays are available in a range of quality each offering a different level of comfort and support to suit your budget, lifestyle and to deliver maximum life out of your new carpet. At Floorworld we sell Airstep and Dunlop both respected market leaders in underlay. High quality underlays will feel more luxurious, give more support to your new carpet and will be more quiet – an important consideration in second floor installations and stairs. Underlay wears just as carpet does and it is recommended you change your underlay when installing a new carpet in your home or office.